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  • Professional, dedicated, and top team, winning the trust of domestic and foreign customers

    RI CHEN Machinery Co.,Ltd. has been designed and buildingvarious printing equipment for over 15 years. Ri Chen isrecognized by a range of industries as a dependable expert in research, design and engineering of painting lines.

  • Since the establishment of the company, RI CHEN hascontinuously followed the company policy of constant machineryimprovement to keep place with the latest technological advances, and providing maximum service to customers.Ri Chen's design department and manufacturing department  have been working together in the construction of painting equipment to ensure that all products fully meet the customers'requirements.Our highly qualified design engineers have extensive experience in various fields of painting application.

    We can offer totalengineering service from planning and design,to equipmentinstallation and operation.

  • For the future, we will continue to increase our engineeringcapability to remain in the forefront of painting technology.

    We will put forth our best efforts to guarantee that each paintingline from Ri Chen will provide complete satisfaction to every customer

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